Pokémon bugs, Shovel Knight Dig and Realistic Horror


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Tanya and Jonathan consider the meteoric success of the buggiest Pokémon game ever made, the pros and cons of real actors in games horror game like The Callisto Protocol, and review the new Battletoads Double Dragon cart from Retro-bit. Guest Celia Schilling (Marketing and Licensing Manager Yacht Club Games, creators of Shovel Knight) talks about her own fun with Pokémon Scarlet, and Rose gets their pants scared off by Super Lone Survivor.

Episode Timecodes:

0:00:00 - The Battle of the Busters
0:03:35 - Black Friday/Cyber Monday
0:06:56 - Celia Shilling Interview - Pokémon Scarlet/Violet
0:27:17 - The Josh Duhamel/Johnny Knoxville/Timothy Olyphant Character Creator
0:39:01 - Rose Interview - Super Lone Survivor Review
0:53:18 - Uncanny Valley - Realism vs. Abstraction
0:55:51 - Do You Like the Horror Genre?
0:58:24 - Product Review: Battletoads/Double Dragon
1:02:29 - Wrap up/Plugs
1:06:02 - Cyber Sex

Guests this episode on Twitter:

Celia: @CeliaBeee

Rose: @TogetherRose

Yacht Club Games: @YachtClubGames

Retro-bit: @RetroBitGaming

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