Ep. 70: "It's An Open Container Only if You Put The Straw In It" Featuring Brooks Frost


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This episode is brought to you by Scout & Cellar, Clean Crafted wines with no pesticides and chemical additives. Order great organic biodynamic wines at https://scoutandcellar.com/deannahaase. Shana and Adhel is spirit interview Brooks Frost, bartender extraordinaire from the garden district, New Orleans. We talk on this special remote recording about what it is like for a bartender in New Orleans. We hear stories about real expensive shots, some ding dong questions, Mardi Gras, and of course "the granny voice!" It was so great being able to chat with Brooks during the Covid-19 Pandemic. Having access to video chats and remote recording systems have brought us closer together with bartenders quite far away. Thank you Brooks for taking time to talk with us on TalkTales. Full apologies about the fuzzy audio. We are still working out some bugs recording remotely using zencastr. Everyone stay safe and.. go ahead, sit back, relax and grab yourselves something to sip on and let's go on a magical journey into the world of bartending. TalkTales is intended for an audience 21 years and older. We promote responsible drinking and absolutely no drinking and driving.

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