Ep. 73: "Guess Who's Back? Boom!" Featuring Adhel Martinez


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Guess who's back, who's back again! Boom our mixtress Adhel is back on the mic baby!!! Shana and Adhel get at it again 6ft apart but together!!!! We catch up on lost time and for the first time in TalkTales history, Shana interviews TalkTales very own Adhel Martinez! Adhel tells her story of how she started behind the bar at a beer and wine bar next to a full nude strip club! By listening, watching and help from friends Adhel moved into learning through all of the different paths of bartending. From high volume to craft cocktails Adhel has experienced it all. Dirtbags, strippers and bikinis... Tune in this week to hear her story!!! Go ahead and grab yourselves something to sip on and let's go on a magical journey into the world of bartending. TalkTales is intended for an audience 21 years and older. We promote responsible drinking and absolutely no drinking and driving.

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