#120: Jeremy Wilson


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Trombonist Jeremy Wilson is acclaimed for the versatility and lyricism of his playing as well as his insight and commitment as a teacher. Currently Associate Professor of Trombone at Vanderbilt University’s Blair School of Music, Wilson is something of a legend in trombone circles. On his first-ever audition attempt at the age of 25, he won a prestigious position with the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and its sister organization, the orchestra of the Vienna State Opera. Just out of college, he honed his performance skills in Vienna as a member of one of the most renowned musical organizations in the world before returning to his home state to start a new chapter as an educator, soloist, and chamber musician.

He developed the BODY MIND SPIRIT Method over the course of several years as a response to the patterns of learning, music-making, practice, and behavior he observed in his work as an educator, both at Vanderbilt and across the globe. His YouTube videos on the subject have been viewed by thousands, and have helped musicians both young and old rediscover a passion for the music-making process, access their years of practice when in high-pressure performance situations, and perform works with stylistic integrity and expression.

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