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Are you ready to ditch the Christian checklist and trade it in for a daily, intimate relationship with Jesus? Do you wish to fall in love with the Word of God and understand how to apply it to your life? Are you ready to see yourself the way that He sees you and become confident in who He says you are? In this podcast. you will find practical solutions to help you connect with Jesus, walk out your faith, and create a relationship with Jesus that will be a constant in your life. This podcast will also be full of conversations of real women sharing their stories and encouraging us to walk deeper with Christ. The Abundant Woman Collective exists to help women Know God, Discover their identity, and Speak Truth in order to live an abundant life in Christ. The mission of The Abundant Woman Collective podcast is to bring faith-filled solutions that build your confidence in who you are and whose you are, to create many hope-filled conversations that point you to Jesus, and to give you the resources you need in the busyness of everyday life. We will help to equip a generation of women to share their stories of faith, stand in their God-given authority, and cut through the cultural noise. If you’re ready to say yes to being a woman of God who trusts, surrenders, and lives an abundant life, despite any circumstance- you’re in the right place! Hi, I’m Sam. A wife, mama to four, business owner, Jesus lover, and recovered people-pleasing Christian. I have been teaching, encouraging, and leading people for over 15 years. Despite having grown up on a church pew, there came a time in my walk with the Lord when I realized I was following the Christian checklist of things to do right vs an actual relationship with our loving father. I knew it wasn’t right and that something had to change. I started asking the Lord to give me a hunger for His presence and His Word that only He could give. And boy did He show up. I was more in love with Jesus than I had ever been. And now He has called me to serve you with this podcast. If you are ready to learn how to read the bible and understand it, how to be in a relationship with Him, how to discover your purpose and calling (and walk it out), and so MUCH MORE. These solutions are practical, can be implemented, and are made for your busy life. Grab your coffee, bible, and notebook- and let’s dig in! Sam

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