Happy 2022! Let’s get ready for yet another adventure with Andy and Amanda


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- We wish all of our listeners and followers around the world the very best in 22'

- We're so glad that you've decided to spend at least a little time kicking off the New Year with us here.

- In this episode, Chet Gardiner, a pro-musician and music producer joins Andy Kimbel in a conversation about learning how to play and perform music, regardless of the instrument. Of course, by now most of our family of followers know that Andy is best known for his guitar work and songs. having toured and performed thousands of shows over the last almost 30 years across North America and parts of Europe. (WWW.ANDYKIMBEL.COM) Andy also conducts workshops and learning seminars in stage performance, guitar technique, and songwriting.

- Please join the conversation focusing on news and current events Wednesday, January 5 at 3:PM EST when Amanda should be back on board, by dialing 515-605-9888.

Thanks for listening folks. We'll see you on Wednesday right back here on the Andy and Amanda Show!

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