Episode 36: Brandon Wynn - WZ Films and James Young Entertainment


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Chance is an animated film that tells a story from the eyes of the innocent victims, (the Dogs). The film is intended to showcase reality and shed light on animal cruelty in its worst form, with a goal to educate, bring awareness, and evoke change. Although dogfighting is illegal in all 50 states, it still occurs in every part of our country. Let alone the world.

The producers wanted to tell a compelling story that touched on love, compassion, courage, hope, and friendship. To help the audience truly understand, they knew the story had to be told from the eyes and mind of the dog, in this case, a pit bull. A very misunderstood dog.

This story should engage the audience and help to bring awareness to a misfortune that has gone on far too long and that could be used as an educational tool for many platforms to help bring awareness to the sociological aspects of what dogfighting does to not only dogs but communities as well. As the problem more so is with the owners and not the animals.

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