Unland 01: ‘Can I Kick It?’


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In which old wounds are reopened, an old friendship is rekindled, and old men pretend to be children.

A Call of Cthulhu Scenario by Scott Dorward. Episodes released weekly.

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The Apocalypse Players are:

Dominic Allen @DomJAllen

Joseph Chance @JosephChance2

Danann McAleer @DanannMcAleer

Dan Wheeler @DanWheelerUK

With additional vocals by Lily Maryon @LilyMaryon

For more information and to get in touch, visit www.apocalypseplayers.com

CW: This podcast contains mature themes and strong language.


With very special thanks to Take Turns for the use of the music from their album “Animal Fat”:

Finishers Medals

Once a Saltwater Lagoon

Rare Earths

Animal Fat


Super Sunday


Political Action Ad by Kevin MacLeod

Link: https://incompetech.filmmusic.io/song/4227-political-action-ad

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Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act One by Kevin MacLeod

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Tenebrous Brothers Carnival - Act Two by Kevin MacLeod

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Waltz Primordial (feat. Alexander Nakarada) by Kevin MacLeod

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Classic Horror 1 by Kevin MacLeod

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Long note One by Kevin MacLeod

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Right Behind You by Kevin MacLeod

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Darkest Child by Kevin MacLeod

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Nightmare Machine by Kevin MacLeod

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Strength Of The Titans by Kevin MacLeod

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The Ice Giants by Kevin MacLeod

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Additional sound and music from zapsplat.com

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