Episode 19 - Automation and Blockchain


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Digital Jerry (DJ) and Human Jerry return for a special episode on one of the most popular technology trends of the last decade, Blockchain. Jerry begins by clearing up a few common misconceptions about Blockchain, like the fact that it's not the same thing as Bitcoin. He reframes the popular narrative around Blockchain by sharing its extensive use cases, all of which are unified by a desire to build a trusted network to handle interactions between known parties. Jerry then shifts the discussion to Enterprise AI-powered Automation, where Automation technology is generally bounded by a company's firewall. With Blockchain, however, Automation is being expanded to multi-party processes (such as supply chain), saving substantial amounts of time and money. Jerry closes by summarizing how Blockchain's immutable shared ledger creates a foundation of trust and confidence, by forming one system of truth for all players involved.
Cover Art arrangement by human Jerry Cuomo.
More on Blockchain and Trust: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/data-we-trust-well-after-you-add-little-blockchain-jerry-cuomo/

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