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Welcome to the "The Art of Raw, Wild & Free" podcast where you will learn how to walk towards your truth. Hosted by Charmaine Marinkovich, she's a single Mum of 4, a Baba (aka.Nana) of 2. She's been a photographer (photographing primarily women) for over 20 years, she's a writer who shares from her heart and now coaches women to step towards their own truth and to find freedom in expressing themselves fully.Charmaine is so passionate about women finding their voice, standing up to what feels right for them, and really connecting back to who they are and coming back home to self. She believes we are all a piece of art, who get to step into our full expression to feel freedom within and break away from all that's holding us back.Charmaine brings these conversations to you through her own life experiences. Leaving school at 16 yrs old with no qualifications, becoming pregnant with her first child at 17, pulling herself through domestic violence, finding life again after nearly losing her life twice, healing herself of PTSD to then becoming so committed to walking towards her own truth to create a new future for herself. Her hope is that these conversations spark life back inside of you and bring the change you wish to see for yourself. This is for the women who refuse to hold back, shrink down or play small any longer.Thank you so much for being here and joining me each fortnight as you discover or rediscover more of your truth and choose to step towards it. When you choose this for yourself you lead the way for those around you to do the same.We need more truth leaders in this world, so give yourself the permission to be one of them.If an episode lands on your heart (if you love it) please share it, so together we can support more women in walking towards their truth. Feel free to tag me on Instagram or Facebook - Charmaine Marinkovich, so I too can share you.Right, get comfy with a beverage of choice or get moving while I chat away...Let's get these conversations started. Charmaine xJoin us here:

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