Episode 9 - Justin Webber from Headwaters Art & In The Salt Fly Magazine


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Recently, I got to talk with Justin Webber, the creative mind behind In the Salt Fly Magazine and more recently, Headwaters Art & Angling Co.

Originally from Durban in South Africa, we discuss how Justin first got into fishing and eventually fly fishing. We explore some of the destinations around the world that fly fishing has taken him and how he ended up moving downunder to Mackay, a fly fisherman's dream.

Justin speaks about the fantastic fishery he has on his doorstep and some of the friendships he's forged along the way through fly fishing, how he started In the Salt Fly Magazine (a Free Australian digital online magazine) and his most recent project, Headwaters Art & Angling Co. and how it came about.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to Justin, he's a very down to earth bloke and his passion for fly fishing is undeniable and evident through his work with In The Salt and Headwaters. Make sure you give his pages a follow on Instagram and check out his websites www.inthesaltflymag.com.au & www.headwatersart.com.au , I'm looking forward to seeing what Justin has planned for the future!

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