#6 - International Collaboration in Architecture with Shawn Basler


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Today we are excited to have a powerhouse architect and advocate Shawn Basler, AIA on the Podcast to discuss “International Collaboration in Architecture.” Shawn leads the global architecture and design firm Perkins Eastman as Co-CEO and Executive Director. Driven by a commitment to collaborative excellence, Shawn champions a culture of unity along with a purpose that design should have a positive impact on people and the environment worldwide. Shawn has decades of experience working on international projects while being based in New York. An extensive world traveler, he values the experience of cultural immersion, nurturing Perkins Eastman’s belief that creating authentic, relevant design means being truly part of the communities in which we work. Shawn dedicates himself to the firm’s continually deepening and evolving design practice.
Shawn shared with Abhay visuals during the discussion. You can watch the video that includes all the visuals HERE
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