The Bible secrets behind the Northern Lights


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Behold, the one, who is protecting Israelites does neither doze nor get drowsy. The above quoted pronouncement is much pleased to every Christian, isn't it...? How is God guarding the humans...? Is there any association between the tranquil human survival over the surface of the earth and this above quoted pronouncement...? What are those exclusive beams of light that appear over the northern pole...? Why are they shining right over there itself...? What is the concealed science, which is not reachable to the human scientific knowledge, behind those beams of light...? What shall take place if they do not get turned to be the beams of light...? To all the above mentioned uncertainties merely the Holy Bible can provide the most incredible answer which makes the human scientific world speechless. The rays of light that are associated with the word of God can untie the mystery of the beams of light over the northern pole. Be enough attentive to listen to it.

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