The Defense Department of Angels for the Children of God


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Security system.... This is the biggest term that is used when it comes to provide security to the leaders, who are in power and in providing the required protection to the nation. This active security system, which is endowed with the well trained warriors, who act like spark, is restricted to the heads of the state. In general we use to think that why there should be such level of security to us except serving to be an employee for salary in such sharpened security system. But, how many people are aware of the fact that to the Christian there is a significant security system, which is neither provided to any head of the states nor known to the world...? Is it great to appoint the humans to be security guards for the protection of lives or is God, Who utilises the most unimaginable and thoroughly trained powers to look after His children with an ample of security, great....? Is the Christian, who consists of this much of abnormal security system, such a great one...? Let's get ourselves prepared to listen to it....

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