219. The Truth About The Beauty Industry + What’s REALLY In Your Makeup Bag with Andy Hnilo


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Andy Hnilo, the founder and CEO of Alitura Naturals, is here to warn us about the harmful and dirty ingredients hiding in our makeup bags. Sure, it’s a reality check we probably aren't ready to face, but it’s one we need to raise major awareness on. Why? Because the toxic chemicals we’re applying to our skin and ingesting in our bodies are affecting us more than we could ever imagine.

Alitura Naturals’ story began when former model, Andy Hnilo woke up in a hospital bed – having been struck by a series of vehicles while simply crossing the street. Out of desperation, he started making his own skincare products to aid the healing of his severe facial scars.

This minor interest soon turned into a full-blown exploration on the wellness journey he was about to embark on. Listen now to get the full story + find out which of your skincare products you should keep using and what you need to throw away – for good.


  • Why getting hit by a car – twice – sparked Andy’s skincare journey.
  • Why most labels are lying to you + how to see past the BS.
  • The top 3 chemicals to avoid in food and skincare products at all costs.
  • The skincare secrets you need to have your healthiest skin ever.


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