222. BBS: How To Look & Sound More Confident (Even When You're Nervous)


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A new bossbabe episode on a Friday? Your eyes and ears do not deceive you. This is the very first in a new series of mini episodes where Danielle will be leading the bossbabe community through extra actionable, no BS business tips to help you grow — fast!

But business advice is everywhere, right?

Vague sweeping advice is easily accessible, yes. But these deep dive episodes are meant to provide listeners with behind-the-scenes expert advice, real processes and business techniques that we have used + proven to be effective.

...and now, we're passing them on to you.

Today, we’re learning to sound, look and pitch our business with more confidence. No, we’re not on about pantsuits and presentations – Danielle covers real life examples, detailing the nuance in every moment – seen and unseen.

It takes practice, but remember – confidence breeds competence. Even the slightest of details can make a huge difference in a first impression. Ready to dive in? Listen now.


  • Welcome to the new bossbabe business school! What’s on the agenda?
  • How to control your breathing and eliminate filler words.
  • What your facial expressions and non-verbal communication is saying about you (and about your business).
  • Why selling is a service + how to pitch with confidence.


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