246. BBS: Find Yourself Procrastinating? This Cognitive Shift Might Change Everything


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Are you a chronic procrastinator? Or maybe you’re someone who revises content to no end in the endless pursuit of “perfection”.

We all have these tendencies, and while we convince ourselves they’re harmless, they can really stand in the way of positive progress. So, what’s actually behind these mental blocks? And how can you move past them in a way that supports yourself and your business?

Join Natalie for this new episode of bossbabe business school as she helps you identify, acknowledge and overcome the fear-based blocks that have appeared along your path to success.


  • Why the very thing standing in your way might actually be there to protect you.
  • How to acknowledge your mindset blocks and use them to your advantage.
  • What your procrastination and perfectionism are trying to tell you + why you need to listen.


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