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This week Andrew and Charlamagne get right into the Will Smith apology and lets just say our boy Schulz was not having it, in fact the moral of the story for that topic is that you can apologize, but does not mean the person has to accept it. After, the brilliant idiots definitely spazzed when Charlamagne introduced Schulz to some new Beyonce songs from her new album. They also spoke on Wiz Khalifa going off on a DJ and debated with T-Diddy and Nyla about a pastor restricted from showing off his wealth. ********************************************************** Check out Andrew Schulz Stream Charlamagne "Hell of a Week" on Paramount Check out all the podcast on Charlamagne's "Black Effect Network" Empty Thoughts Podcast Empty Thoughts IG/Tik Tok Check Out "Summer Of 85" on Audible…areTest=TestShare

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