How To Save For A House While Renting In Canada - British Columbia Real Estate Podcast Episode 38


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00:00 - Jeff Chadha And Lae Soudarack Do The Intro For Episode 38 And Go Over How To Save For A House While Renting In Canada

02:02 - Budget

02:49 - Have A Goal

03:39 - Savings Calculator Link

05:41 - Being Disciplined

06:32 - It Has To Be A Habit

07:51 - You Must Really Want To Save For Your Future

11:37 - How Lae Soudarack Got Into The Financial Industry

15:43 - Saving Your Future Book

17:35 - The Rule Of 72

25:11 - Jeff Chadha And Lae Soudarack Do The Outro For Episode 38

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