How drinking too much water & eating out of season is rapidly aging your body! All about deuterium with Dr. Laszlo Boros


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Dr. Laszlo Boros joins me for this interview all about deuterium & how it causes our bodies to age! What is deuterium and where is it hiding in our food & water? How can we deplete deuterium? This is part one of two on our deep dive into deuterium - so stay tuned!

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0:00 INTRO

3:11 Beginning & Dr. Boros’s credentials

4:16 The science of deuterium

6:36 How Dr. Boros became interested in deuterium

10:11 Dueterium and cancer treatment & how the mitochondria produce deuterium depleted water

14:26 How does deuterium affect the mitochondria?

17:51 Why deuterium is not compatible with the mitochondria - but can also be important for collagen and tissue durability

23:11 Deuterium food sources & how to avoid dueterium in food

27:11 Understanding seasonal eating and deuterium & longevity

32:11 Deuterium hiding within a carnivore diet & ketosis

35:11 Food sources in the Bible & dueterium’s traces in the Bible and ancient history

37:11 The history of fasting

38:17 Is a carnivore diet enough to deplete deuterium

41:11 Dr. Boros’s personal story with deuterium and cancer & how he eats to stay low deuterium

43:31 Dr. Boros and his water consumption/ why drinking too much water can be dangerous

46:11 The similarities between water and fat

46:41 Deuterium and fertility

48:11 Why deuterium depletion can make you desire less water

50:01 The dangers of too much water drinking & how we should drink water

53:08 How much deuterium is in regular water

54:21 How ketosis makes us need less water & health problems from drinking too much water


This podcast is not medical advice & as a supporter to you and your health journey - I encourage you to monitor your labs and work with a professional! ________________________________________

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