The best anti-aging tool you have never heard of with Dr. Laszlo Boros


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Dr. Laszlo Boros is back for part 2 of our talk on deuterium depletion! We talk about what type of lifestyle is naturally deuterium depleting, how you can improve your fertility through deuterium depletion - what diet is the most deuterium depleting and more! This episode is sponsored by Optimal Carnivore “CarnivoreY” to receive 10% off all products- Brain Nourish - Grassfed Organ Meat Complex Grassfed Beef liver This episode is sponsored by VivaRays - protect your circadian rhythms!- code YOGI to save 15% My mini course on deuterium depletion- Sign up for my newsletter to get special offers in the future! - Check out all my courses to understand how to improve your mitochondrial health & experience long lasting health! Get my resource guide for all my favorite quantum health products with discounts as well as 7 pages of scientific studies to understand how light intricately effects our health - RESOURCE GUIDE LINK - THIS PODCAST IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE Mentioned in this video: Part one of this interview - Dr. Laszlo Boros - Dr. Gabor Somlyai - TIMESTAMPS: 0:00 Intro 3:00 Deuterium depleted water - who should not do a DDW protocol 4:30 What influences our body’s ability to deplete deuterium 5:44 Dr. Boros & his tumor experience 6:15 How our lifestyle must be deuterium depleting 9:50 The best diet for deuterium depletion 10:20 Why we shouldn’t drink low ppm water & how our circadian rhythms are tied to deuterium depletion 13:00 Why listening to outside sources is poor for our health & more lifestyle considerations 17:20 The normalization of medication & what Dr. Boros recommends instead 18:41 A deuterium depleting lifestyle before the deuterium depleting water & a deuterium depleting water 26:00 How we have lost our ability to taste deuterium & why this is important 28:14 Tribes of people who have had access to deuterium depleted water and zero cancer 31:15 Fertility, pregnancy and deuterium depletion 34:00 My pregnancy and deuterium depletion 37:00 Why deuterium depletion is important for fertility & why cold is important for deuterium depletion 39:00 How deuterium water came to be in use 41:22 How to find Dr. Boros 44:30 Conclusion

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