THE LINK BETWEEN FOOD INTOLERANCES AND POOR GUT HEALTH….why we should look beyond & stop blaming the food with Steve Wright


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Are foods truly to blame for your gut issues or do we need to look further? What is the root cause of your gut issues?

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Topics we discuss:

1 - Let’s review your health journey with food intolerances & finding relief with diet

2- What are the obvious signs that you have a food intolerance & some of the not so obvious signs?

3 - What foods are the biggest culprits that cause gut issues?

4 - Are there certain foods you think we should avoid forever like gluten?

5 - What factors play a role in our bodies being able to handle certain foods?

6 - Elimination diets can be helpful, but do you see people becoming “more reactive” if they stay on them too long?

7 - What is the best way to “recover” from eating a food that has caused a food reaction besides doing an extended fast?

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