Why diets (even keto or carnivore) fail for so many people & what we actually need to focus on….Randy Lee - The Mitochondria Manifesto


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What do most diet and fitness experts fail to understand and address? The energy system of our bodies or our mitochondrial function! Understanding mitochondrial function for weight loss can be a topic that many people run away from, but the goal of this podcast is to make these topics easy to understand!

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0:00 Beginning

4:33 How Randy became interested in mitochondrial health

6:50 What is ATP and how does that lack cause us to age

7:15 Is food the root cause of poor health or is it Mitochondrial health and why?

9:00 How poor mitochondrial health makes us gain weight 9:50 Why is seasonal eating important & understanding deuterium

11:52 How light and the seasons influences duterium & the energy system of the body

14:24 Why trying to diet and exercise without understanding deuterium can defeat your best efforts

15:55 My experience with deuterium depleted water a carnivore/keto diet & why we don’t want to be on the water all the time

19:19 Why our modern diet and exercise systems fail & understanding why GMO’s cause more weight loss

21:44 Supplements and deuterium

24:34 The harms of Non native EMF & how they affect us at a cellular level

28:24 The proof for EMF being a harmful & the effect of EMF on hydration

30:34 How water powers our entire body & why we are gaining weight as we age

31:55 How EMF slows down our metabolism 33:20 What type of mitigation strategies should people follow 36:14 Why our sleep environment is the most vital important environment to mitigate 38:08 Why magnetism is vital for our health 40:44 The magnetico sleep pad & how this can enhance our energy production 43:14 The problem with most “magnetic”’products & things that cause a hormetic stress in the body 46:22 Caffeine - stimulants & coffee and stress hormones and how this is ruining mitochondrial function 50:24 The magnetism of the earth & how this is declining 52:44 How magnetism is affecting our health and metabolism 55:34 How to increase your magnetism 56:44 Do we all need to move & be drastic to lose weight? 58:44 Why we are getting sicker & need this information on light - magnetism & water 1:00:44 Why we should start with circadian rhythms when it comes to health 1:04:24 Cold exposure & why we don’t want to do it every single day 1:04:44 Women and cold therapy 1:06:04 Why women need to approach things differently all around 1:07:14 Where to find Randy

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