133. A Goofy Movie (1995)


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Welcome to the 133rd episode of The Castle Vault! In this week's journey exploring the famed Disney Vault through the Disney Plus streaming service, we continue our exploration of the DisneyToons Studios with ... A Goofy Movie!

In this episode, we discuss the single most requested film to watch since this podcast began, the movie we have all been waiting for - A Goofy Movie! Joined by friend of the show Trevor Starkey from That Nerdy Site, who called dibs on this movie 2 years ago, we finally watch and talk about a must-watch film on the Disney Plus streaming service. Goofy never really got the main character star treatment from Disney, so this movie was huge not only for the character, but the world revolving around the lovable goof. But after all these years, is the story and soundtrack still as good as we all remember? And where did it land on The Hierarchy?

All this and more in Episode 133 of the Castle Vault!

Stay magical, friends.

Show Rundown

  • Intro
  • Housekeeping
  • Mountain DEW or DEW NOT
  • #CastleVaultCooking - Watermelon
  • Disney Plus check-in
  • Count the Clicks
  • The Castle Vault - A GOOFY MOVIE (1995)
  • Villains Be Chillin'
  • To Be Or Not To Be ... Continued?
  • Of Course My Horse
  • Make Mine Mascot
  • Stayin' Alive ... Action?
  • Okey Dokey Karaoke
  • Talkin' Tie Ins
  • World of Color Brain!
  • Five Fun Facts
  • Tough Trivia Question
  • Emails
  • We Recommend!

NEXT WEEK'S MOVIE IS: Aladdin and the King of Thieves

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