7 Ways To Renovate Your Music Journey


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Chasing a music dream can be such an exciting experience. When we dedicate ourselves to achieving something and start to see things work, we feel fulfilled and are living out our purpose. But what happens when things in the industry start to change? What happens when what used to work, doesn’t work like it once did? Do we continue to try and force it or do we make changes to find the new thing that works?

Personally, we are currently going through a kitchen renovation due to a major leak we had back in April. Our kitchen was completely torn out on June 14 and we are still without a kitchen. This process has been difficult, especially feeling out of place in our own home.

This got me thinking, what other areas of my life and music journey could benefit from a renovation? In the middle of the process things feel stressful, uncomfortable and maybe even painful, however the end result is always worth it.

I wanted to go through 7 areas of our music journey that we could consider making some renovations. Taking a look at what we do and how we are currently doing it can keep us moving in the right direction with the most efficiency and impact!

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