07.22.21 A money saving app warning for Android & iPhone users alike. / Welfare vs. Workfare - Free college that works.


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Both Apple and Google are being sued over how they run their app stores. Clark explains the toll and the workaround. / Free college sounds great, especially with the outrageous price of higher education and the student loan burden so many carry. But is it a good idea? Clark points out where this has been successful, and why it can be good for citizen, state and country when it’s skills based, for the marketplace.

Ask Clark topics include: How Much to Tip During the Coronavirus Pandemic / Can a Patient Advocate Help With Your Medical Bills? / How to Find and Claim Missing Money in Your Name / Authorized User vs. Joint Account Holder: Understanding the Difference for Credit Cards / 401(k) Guide: What Is a 401(k) Plan and How Does It Work? \\

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