Discover One Thing You Need To Do Now Before The Year Ends


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Hi, I’m Pascale Gibon and welcome to episode 221 of The Everyday Life Balance Show. Thank you for listening.

The intention I set at the beginning of this year is: to be fully present, peaceful and patient.

I must say that the last two commitments to be peaceful and patient have gone very well. However, I still struggle with being fully present. In a world full of distractions, being present is rather challenging, however very much worth it. Besides, it stretches you when you have lots of interests. You tend to jump from one thing to another. Perhaps you can relate.

I am letting go of excuses. I will still put being present as one of my intentions for the forthcoming year. This intention brings me to today's topic.

>>>Discover One Thing You Need To Do Now Before The Year Ends!

You may wonder what it is. The answer is: you need to remember to plan for a successful year ahead of time. You do not need to wait for next year to do this., This applies to you if you are generally a busy bee and have lots of activities going on.

Ok. So, where do you start?

Now that we are about to reach the end of the year, I think you have, by now, a pretty good idea of how this year has gone for you.

I know the year is not over yet, and we still have a few weeks to go. However, now is your time to start planning for a successful year. Whatever a successful year means to you.

This process is called intentional living. It means that you design intentionally the best life you desire to live.

The majority of people miss the opportunity to plan their year ahead of time. Instead of planning their intentional living NOW, they do it when the year is underway.

Being a spur of the moment person, I never used to plan my year ahead of time. I used to wait for the year to start and plan month by month. I have now changed my mind. I consider it essential to plan the forthcoming year now, to save time and energy and clarify what I want to live my best life.

  • Would you agree that time is the only thing we cannot get back?

Time flies, and I acknowledge that how I spend my time is very valuable. Therefore instead of wasting time wondering haphazardly what my goals or objectives are, what step I should take next, I find that planning before the year starts is a very efficient way to ensure a successful year.

However, it is pretty hard to plan without looking at where you are now and how much you have progressed.

I have shared in previous episodes that there are three powerful and controllable ways you can create positive change in your life.

  1. Stop doing what does not work
  2. Keep doing what works
  3. Try something new and see if it works.

To plan your year, we will focus on ideas 2 and 3 only. Ideas 2 and 3 are to keep doing what works and start doing something new to see if it works.

I want to share this exercise I learnt from the author and strategic coach, Dan Sullivan. When you do this exercise, your main focus is on progress, not perfection. My listeners who are perfectionists will love this because it simplifies things for you.

Please get a pen and paper ready and note down the following questions:

Question 1: What has worked well for you this year you may call a success?

Question 2: Do you want to take further actions in the same direction next year?

Question 3: If so, what will be the first action?

Question 4: If not, what are your new goals or objectives for the year ahead?

You could apply this process Focused Progress to any area of your life: your professional life, personal life, finances, health, impact etc.

Let’s take the example of reaching your ideal weight.

Question 1: What has worked well for you this year you may call success with regard to reaching your ideal weight?

It could be that you have regulated your eating habit. You used to eat erratically. Now you eat more regularly and have more energy as a result.

Question 2: Do you want to take further actions in the same direction next year?

The answer is YES! because it works well for you.

Question 3: If so, what will be your first action? Your first action could be to learn how to prepare yummy breakfasts. Therefore you will look for great breakfast recipes.

If your answer to question 2 is that you did not want to take further action, you would need to focus on a new goal and objective.

Do you like the idea of planning your year intentionally now so that you live your best life?

When you have a clear plan, you save time, energy and remain focused and consistent. Without a plan, you are lost in the wilderness and waste a lot of energy working out your next step.

Whereas if you lay out your plan well ahead of time, all you need is to follow it and adjust if and when necessary.

Take my word for it. If you want to be more efficient next year and enjoy a successful year plan it is now instead of next year.

With a plan well laid out, you will only need to focus on progress and success. You will not only have goals or objectives you wish to accomplish and look forward to, but you will also have laid out steps to make your dreams come true.

From next week until the end of the year, I will be running The Gratitude Experiment. Living with love includes daily gratitude. To be part of this experience, join us live on Facebook. The link is pascalegibonfanpage. Every Tuesday, I will be going live for seven weeks. Let’s connect live tomorrow at 11.00 am London time.

I hope you enjoyed today's episode.

As always, remember now is Your time to transform your life one step at a time.

  • Do you want to live your best life?
  • Do you want better results next year?

If so, if your answer is YES, I encourage you to design intentionally, your best life NOW and follow the exercise I have just shared.

I look forward to connecting with you next Monday or tomorrow if you join me live.

Take good care, have a fantastic week and lots of love.




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