Ep #82 Pork Barreling Pollies & Learning How to be Social Again: This Month on TFS


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This month we dive into the recent political scandals in Australian politics. Familiar Stranger Alex gives us a brief overview of the current scandal involving former New South Wales Premier Gladys Berejiklian. He asks the strangers to consider what the relationship is between the states and their respective constituents. What do you think? Is pork barreling that big of a deal? Next Matt shares a funny interaction that he had recently and reflects on how social distancing and lockdown measures have changed his social interactions with the people around him. He asks the Strangers if they’ve had any changes in their social interactions and the answers are quite enlightening. What do you think? Has social distancing changed how you interact with the wider world? Head over to our website for a full list of links and citations.

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