Ep # 89 Growing Pains in the Valley: Dr Eric Hirsch on Growth in the Colca Valley


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Welcome back to the Familiar Strange! This week Familiar Stranger Alex sits down with Dr Eric Hirsch. Dr Eric Hirch is currently an assistant professor at Franklin & Marshall College in the department of Environmental Studies. Eric’s research interests center around local understandings of what it means to be wealthy; the impacts of mineral extraction; cultural branding; and outsiders trying to improve things for people that may or may not want them there. In this interview, Alex queries Eric about his time living in Peru, living in the cities within the beautiful Colca valley. They dive into what defines wealth, how people can measure growth and artificial insemination of all things. It was an absolute pleasure to interview Dr Eric Hirsch and we hope you enjoy! Head over to our website for a full list of links and citations!

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