Nicola Headley, Fertility Coach - How to navigate fertility struggles


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Nicola Headley previously worked as a Midwife, Health Visitor and Birth Trauma Specialist. But it was her own difficult journey to motherhood which led her to train as a fertility coach.

Nicola specialises in supporting women following pregnancy loss or who are going through IVF or fertility treatment to take back emotional control of their fertility journey. Because infertility takes over every area of life. It affects our mental health, confidence, and feelings of self-worth. Which is why looking after how you’re feeling during this time is so important.

Her unique programme is a mix of counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy techniques. To support you to release what’s happened in the past, start living in the now and look to the future with hope and optimism.

We discuss:

- Why mindset matters when TTC & your Subconscious thoughts

- Common emotions that arise when TTC

- Ways to manage these emotions and why it’s important to address them

- Exploring PTSD around fertility treatment

- What fertility coaching is and how it can help

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