If I had multiple failed cycles, this is what I'd do


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Have you ever felt paralysed by what your next steps are and terrified that you’ll make the wrong choice? And… just wanted to know what someone else (who gets it and who understands) would do in your situation?

Well, I have! And one of the things I absolutely love is knowing what others would do.

If you’ve had multiple cycles it can feel derailing… and it can feel like not wanting (at all) to repeat Groundhog day.

As someone who has now had nearly 1,000 clients navigating infertility, loss and trying to conceive, this is what I’d do if I’d had multiple cycles.

In this podcast episode, I share with you:
  • The red flags to look out for (both for yourself and your fertility specialist)
  • What to look for in your test results
  • What I’d do to take stock and check in with myself on where I’m at (the easy activity)

I hope this episode helps.

While my superpower is in helping you navigate the complex emotions of infertility, loss and trying to conceive, you may also be interested to know that I do have a bundle of resources to help those who are looking for some practical ‘get pregnant’ next steps - based on the work I’ve done with so many clients, and the beautiful relationships I also have with other fertility practitioners.

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