Getting Started With Land Flipping - Featuring Fritz & Stephan Depenthal


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Fritz & Stephan Depenthal are brothers who discovered land flipping after seeing Jack Bosch speak at a conference. In this episode, they discuss how they got started in land and break down their very first deal. You'll learn how they were able to leverage the profit (and confidence) they gained from this in order to make even more money with their next deal!

The brothers also discuss their experience with the coaching program and how it has allowed them to take bold steps forward in their land flipping journey. If you are unsure about how to get started in land, this episode will give you an amazing example of how you can begin your own land flipping journey.

What's inside:

  • Learn about the Depenthal's first ever land deal
  • Discover why it is possible to flip land remotely
  • Understand the mechanics of a land deal
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