Making $50k In Land With A Neighbor Letter - Featuring Christina Walls


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Christina Walls hit the ground running with land flipping and has not looked back! In this episode, Christina walks through a deal where she made almost $50 000 in profits just by sending out a neighbor letter. This episode perfectly illustrates some of the many reasons that land flipping is our preferred method for generating cash - where else will you find a seller willing to let go of their property at a 99% discount? Seem too good to be true? Well, listen and find out why the sellers we target are desperate to get rid of their properties - using real-life examples from Christina's land flipping career.

What's inside:

  • Find out how Christina Walls made $50k profit by using a neighbor letter
  • Understand why sellers are willing to get rid of their land for cents on the dollar
  • Discover Christina's history with land flipping
  • Peek under the hood of the business of a successful land flipper
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