Mastering Your Land Listings - Featuring Courtney Kaehlert


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Courtney Kaehlert is a land flipper who has been crushing it in terms of her deals, which is why she has become one of our Land Profit Generator coaches. In this week's episode, Jack Bosch talks to Courtney about her entrepreneurial journey before land flipping and why she decided to go all-in on land.

Courtney also shares insights into how she structures and optimizes her listings. Platforms like Facebook Marketplace can be tricky to navigate, but in this episode, you'll get ideas that you can start testing immediately! No more fumbling around in the dark, it's time to implement strategies that you can test and alter in order to find the formula that works for you.

What's inside:

  • Find out about Courtney Kaehlert's career history
  • Discover why Courtney has gone all-in on land
  • Learn how to optimize your land listings
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