How To Become An Industry Leading Land Flipper - with Jack Bosch


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We look at more amazing moments from the Forever Cash Podcast this week! This time, we focus on the best tips and tricks you can implement to further your own success as a Land Flipper/entrepreneur.

First off, we have a clip from episode 116 where I explain the mindset you need to push forward and become successful in any industry.

Next up I discuss the power of contrarianism. In this clip from episode 91, I explain how the greatest entrepreneurial minds are constantly challenging the norm and going against the grain.

Finally, we check out a clip from episode 109 where I explain how you can effectively run a company alongside your spouse. Michelle and I have been doing this for years and we have learned many difficult lessons along the way.

What's inside:

  • Look back at the best tips and tricks from the Forever Cash Podcast
  • Find out the mindset you need for success
  • Understand the power of contrarianism
  • Discover how to run a business with your spouse
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