211: Connecting Healthcare Practitioners & People in Need


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In America the ability to access healthcare varies widely depending on your healthcare plan, where you live, or resources available to you. Open Path Healing Arts Collective is looking to change that. It’s a nonprofit organization that offers nutrition and other healing modalities to people who need care but lack adequate health insurance coverage, and today, Erin sits down with Karie Reinertson, Healing Arts Collective Program Manager, to talk about this nonprofit organization, how it serves communities, and how practitioners can become a part of the Collective.

If you see the gaps in healthcare, chances are you want to get involved and this nonprofit is a beautiful, symbiotic way for practitioners to gain experience working one-on-one with people who need care. If you’re a practitioner looking to do more for your community or gain more experience working one-on-one with people, or if you’re someone who is seeking new avenues to gain access to healthcare, this will be an informative episode to tune into!

Open Path Healing Arts Collective is a nonprofit nationwide network of holistic health-focused professionals dedicated to providing healing arts care at a reduced rate to people in need. The Collective includes Massage Therapists, Coaches, Nutritionists, and more. Open Path provides people in need with access to transformative and affordable mental and holistic health care. We envision a just, compassionate world where all people can easily access the care they need to thrive.

In this episode:

-Why practitioners should listen up [4:37]

-Origins of Open Path & the Healing Arts Collective [6:03]

-The five disciplines the Healing Arts Collective offers [9:26]

-Types of practitioners ideal for this Collective [11:22]

-The importance of gaining clinical experience [13:08]

-How someone can become a member [20:27]

-The beauty of creating a healthcare team [23:31]

-Sharing in the mission and message [26:45]

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