‘Pepperoni-Eyes’ Soros Wants the BEST for Our Criminals | Guests: Carol Roth & Patrick Collins | 8/3/22


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Glenn and Stu recap some of the primaries, with Republicans getting some crucial wins and some losses regarding abortion in Kansas. Multiple GOP members of Congress praised Nancy Pelosi's trip to Taiwan, so Glenn shares his critique on Nancy's handling of the controversial trip. The U.K. is shutting down the sole children's gender clinic and rejecting the idea of gender-affirming care, highlighting America's extremism. Glenn reviews the latest op-ed from everybody's favorite election meddler, George Soros. Former investment banker Carol Roth joins to critique President Biden for asking for $80 billion in extra IRS funding to crack down on tax evasion. Patrick Collins, CEO of the Gun Food, joins to discuss UPS losing two-thirds of his company's shipments for no legitimate reason.

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