Why Does the Media Hate Viktor Orbán? His Right-Hand Man Takes On Smears | Guests: Balázs Orbán & Rep. Lauren Boebert | 8/4/22


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The American corporate media have nothing but negative things to say regarding Hungary's Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, but are the smears justified? Political Director to the Prime Minister Balázs Orbán joins to set the record straight on the media's disdain for the Hungarian politician and also share the prime minister's stance on some of the world's most pressing issues. New York and D.C. leaders are crying out over an influx of migrants into their cities, but is it comparable to what border cities are dealing with daily? Glenn compares D.C.'s budget to the border town Del Rio's budget, which proves that the actual border crisis exists in our border cities. Rep. Lauren Boebert joins to discuss the Democrats' relentless attempt to unseat her, the desperation in the lies they create, and how her political career came about.

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