#148 Nailing your Ideal Client Avatar


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Are you having trouble niching down? Maybe the problem is not your niche, maybe it’s just your definition of your ideal client avatar. When your ideal client is not clear, everything goes wrong: your offer is off, your messaging doesn’t land, and you don’t get as many clients.

The worst part of this scenario is that you might be getting some clients, and that validates in your mind that you must be on the right track… but what if the number of clients you’re getting is just statistically correct? I mean, if enough people hear your message, someone is bound to go for it. But your business can’t run on minimal statistical sign ups.

You need your message to land with LOTS of your audience members, so that you can get the right clients all the time!

And how do you do that? By ironing out your ideal client FIRST, then everything else. That’s what we’ll cover in today’s episode.

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