The HEALTHIER LIFE PODCAST with Catherine Shelton | Nutrition & Lifestyle Tips for Christian Women


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Faith-based Health & Wellness Coach, Catherine Shelton, shares her top tips and strategies to inspire, inform and empower you to make intentional, healthier choices day by day so you can truly live into your God-given potential and calling. Having successfully managed her own IBS, adrenal fatigue and unwanted weight gain, Catherine’s approach focusses on getting more whole foods, plant-based nutrition into your diet, combined with techniques to reduce stress, improve sleep, and exercise in a way that best supports you, so that you too can find more energy, balance and joy. Developing deep faith and gratitude are key aspects to this journey as well! Catherine is passionate about helping Christian women find time for self-care, nutritious recipes and holistic health so they can show up as their best selves. Subscribe and begin to flourish once more in a life you love! Find out about her coaching programs and courses, and grab your free gift, at Instagram:@catherinesheltonhealth Programs: Free Stress Checklist:

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