The Educator/Activist Path of Nicole Telkes


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Nicole Telke is a practicing herbalist, educator and activist. In 2009 she became a Registered Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild. Nicole has practiced, collected herbs, and taught since 2000, and has studied ecology, botany, and bioregionalism since 1995. She is also the Director and Founder of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine and a founder and spokesperson of the Traditions Not Trademarks Free Fire Cider Movement.
Nicole believes strongly in herbal medicine being “the people’s medicine”; she, too, has a goal of putting “an herbalist in every home.” Nicole specializes in bioregional medicinal plants and her approach to wellness and herbalism in general blends together the ideas of permaculture on the land and holism in the body.
In this episode, we talk all things great and small; the changing face of herbalism education in the information age and the dilution of knowledge by streams of misinformation, to our fire cider friend, to Nicole’s current favorite herb, Tulsi (available
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