The One Herb Everyone Should Know, & It's Right In Your Backyard!


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There’s one herb that I wish everybody knew, especially you, because it’s awesome for first aid like bug bites, bee stings, cuts , scrapes, and all that, gut health, tooth infections, and even respiratory health. The herb is Plantain. No, we’re not talkin’ bananas here. We’re talking about Plantago major. A cool little plant that grows in your sidewalk cracks, along roadsides, and pretty much in all of the places that we as humans have come in to disrupt nature.

  • First Aid: Plantain has this cool little compound called allantoin, and it helps to regenerate cells, pretty cool, eh?

  • Did someone get a little cut or scrape?
  • Little Buzzy Bee get a little too close and sting you? Yup, make yourself a little mash up (poultice) of plantain and plop it right on there. The same thing goes for spider bites, bug bites, snake bites, and all those pesky bug bites. Y
  • Splinters, or maybe there’s a Thorn literally in your side? You guessed it, plantain can help with that too!
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  • Burns, they suck, right? This is where The AfterBurn really comes in Handy!

Mouth or Tooth Infections

So yes, plantain is one of my absolute favorite super bestest plant friends! It’s one I think you should know, your kids (if you’ve got them) should know, your grandma, your neighbor, frickin’ everybody should know plantain! And everybody should use plantain, and most of all, everybody should LOVE plantain!

So how about you? Have you used plantain before? What did you do? How did it work?

Leave a message in the comments below and let me know, and be sure to head to, enter your email address and get my FREE Guide on 10 Medicinal Herbs for Your Health & Well Being, with recipes, and growing advice!

If you enjoyed this post learning about my good ol’ buddy, Plantago major, do me a favor and share it with your friends! Together, we can inspire a movement where there’s an herbalist in every home, again! #SpreadLikeWildFlowers

Antioxidant activities of allantoin rich plants

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