Are the various gender roles in marriage just cultural constructs? What is the purpose of the different roles in a marriage, and what does the Bible say about it? Part 4 (Wives)


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Ladies! Today is for you. We are wrapping up a mini-series on gender roles in marriage. Elizabeth, Brook, and Diane cover what a woman’s part is in marriage from a biblical perspective. We cover the foundational terms of the Hebrew word “helper” (Ezer). We talk about the dance that wives and husbands play and how to live them together. We also cover the six questions for self-exam, which are: 1. Am I cultivating a life that has space to become the type of woman Proverbs refers to? 2. Am I relying on my own power or the power of the Holy Spirit to be a Godly wife, mother, and disciple? 3. Am I begrudgingly giving my husband respect because I don’t think he deserves it? 4. Have I willingly accepted my God-given role as a partner with my husband? 5. Am I continuing to develop the gifts and passions God has entrusted to me? 6. Are you trusting God with what you can’t control, fix, or understand? Enjoy

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