The Story of Ketosis (Ep. 2)


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There is a lot of hype over “ketosis.” Well, what is it exactly? How do we induce it with diet? Those are the questions we hope to answer today. The story of ketosis is both beautiful and sad at the same time. It has been a part of human existence from the beginning. It has saved us from certain death and extinction. But in recent years it has been given a bad rep because of its close association to “ketoacidosis.” Nutritional ketosis is good and entirely different from ketoacidosis. Ketosis is an entirely different metabolic state – one that optimizes your health.

What is ketosis?

It is a metabolic state where you burn fat for energy. But you need to burn that fat in absence of insulin in order to fully induce the ketogenic state. Acetoacetate, acetone, and betahydroxybutyrate are the 3 ketone bodies that your body will use for energy when that happens. These replace glucose as your energy sources.

How do you enter ketosis?

You need to have little insulin around. That can come from fasting (or starving), from eating mainly fat as your diet, and have type 1 diabetes. Ketosis with type 1 diabetes is the way you get into the state of ketoacidosis. But THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN THROUGH DIET INDUCED KETOSIS. Entering it with a high fat and low carbohydrate diet is the surest way to maintain nutritional ketosis.

How do we recommend starting ketosis?

Tip 1) Wean off the carbs over a 2-week period. At the same time increase the amount of fat you eat. Eventually, you want to get to the point of less than 30 g of carbohydrates.

Tip 2) Take in plenty of salt and electrolytes. Mix table salt in all your dishes and supplement in magnesium and potassium. They will make sure your transition is smooth. Without them, you will gain a deficiency because the diet naturally drains your body of those minerals.

Tip 3) Realize it takes time to be fully fat adapted. Being in ketosis is not being fat adapted. Being fat adapted and feeling the full effects of ketosis can take weeks if not months. Just stick with it – you will get there.

Tip 4) Keep it simple! Decrease carbohydrate. Increase fat. That is it. Worry about the “natural”, “organic”, and “unprocessed” food later. We will go into what fats are best later. For now, just keep in mind you want more fat and less carbohydrate.

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