Gord Hunter - Talking to the Animals


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Gord Hunter has been passionate about animals since he found that wounded garter snake as a kid. He's always had pets and now he helps look after many, many more everyday as the Executive Director of the Kingston Humane Society. He joins host, Dave Cunningham, to talk about that passion, and how the Humane Society is rebuilding after COVID.
He is also passionate about writing and gets to demonstrate those skills with his blog on the Society's web page - stories about various animals he has come to know, and the Society itself. And, oh yes, he has written about people as well, people who have no direct connection to the KHS - Doug Gilmour and Bruce Springsteen, for instance.
All of that in this episode of THE KINGSTONIAN PODCAST - Season 6!
For more information about volunteering & donations, send Gord an email:

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