Keanu Reeves | Abuse of PowerPoint


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The House committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol is turning up the heat on administration officials involved with the insurrection, like former Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, who handed over a PowerPoint document filled with "extreme plans" to overturn the 2020 election; and It’s the end of an era at Fox News as veteran journalist Chris Wallace announced that he’s leaving to join CNN’s streaming service. Tonight’s “More Show” segment is brought to you by DoorDash’s DashPass, which we just found out does more than food. Then, a couple years ago our drummer Joe Saylor got his own spinoff show, “Jazz Cowboy,” which has become such a big hit on CBS that it’s now getting its own spinoff series, “Jazz Cowboy: Cyber,” featuring Paul Giamatti! And Keanu Reeves returns to the show to talk to Stephen about his new film, “The Matrix Resurrection,” and talks about the journey his character Thomas Anderson has taken over the course of the series. “The Matrix Resurrection” is in theaters and on HBO Max starting December 22nd.

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