Biden signs bill to make Juneteenth a federal holiday; Supreme Court upholds Obamacare for the third time; Right-Wing media, GOP lawmakers peddle baseless theory the FBI was behind January 6th insurrection; Major bank tell staff to be back at work by Sept


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Biden arrives home to Dem party fractures over agenda; Bipartisan infrastructure deal includes $579B in new spending; WH Official: Outlook “Very Encouraging” on top domestic issues; Biden, Putin summit ends with some diplomatic steps; Supreme Court decision to leave Obamacare intact preserves health care for millions; White House cheers court decision to leave Obamacare intact; Morgan Stanley CEO: If you can go to a NYC restaurant, you can go to work; Officials warn unvaccinated Americans of more contagious variant; WH: Too many low-vaccinated communities remain at risk; Fauci on Delta variant: “Not concerned” about fully vaccinated people; Stacey Abrams to CNN: I support Manchin proposal; Manchin: Make Election Day a holiday, mandatory 15 early voting days; McConnell: GOP won’t support Manchin proposal; Texas Gov says he’ll build wall with state money, crowdsourcing

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