Baby and The Biome: Supplements for Childhood Immunity | Meenal Lele


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Meenal Lele is author of The Baby and the Biome, a revolutionary look at immune disease, and what one parent has learned to reverse it. Meenal has designed, run, and published multiple large clinical studies across orthopedics, vascular medicine, and allergy. She has an engineering and a business degree from the University of Pennsylvania, and is the founder of Lil Mixins ( - an allergy prevention company. As a food allergy & asthma parent, she is committed to bringing an end to the immune diseases that plague 80 million Americans. Topics covered in this episode: Allergists Warning Signs for Parents Misconceptions About Baby Biome Best Case Scenarios in Birth Probiotics Vaginal Swabbing Bathing Babies Harmful Soaps Immune Conditions in Children Challenges for Parents Allergy Prevention Triggering the Immune System Referenced in the episode: The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 199 | Smart Animals; Stupid People | Dr. Justin Gregg To learn more about Meenal Lele and her work, head over to IG @lilmixins __________________________________________________________ This is the perfect time to assess your current routines. What is serving you, what isn't, and is there anything that can help aid your health and wellness journey. This is where Sambucol comes in. They help support a healthy immune system so that you can keep moving, helping your daily dose of black elderberry to happen with ease. With a wide variety of products, Sambucol will pump up that immunity so that it can keep you moving. Listeners of Lindsey Elmore can get 15% off of $9.99 or more at by using my promo code Lindsey15 at checkout! __________________________________________________________ Amare Kids Pack is the first comprehensive mental wellness solution for kids and teens. It’s formulated to support both the body and the mind as well as provide key nutrition for children. Give your children the support for their mind, body, immune system, mental alertness and support their physical vigor by using the Kids Pack from Amare. Head to and you can save $10 on your first purchase of either the Amare Kids Pack, or the Kids Pack Plus! __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ We hope you enjoyed this episode. Come check us out at

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