How to Heal OCD and Safely Stop Antidepressants | Dr. Julia Britz


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Julia Britz is a licensed naturopathic doctor who received her training from Bastyr University in San Diego, CA. She specializes in supporting people who are struggling with mental health issues such as OCD, disorders eating and psychiatric medication tapering. Her passion for working with individuals suffering from these lonely conditions is that she too was a “hopeless case”, but got better. Dismissed by doctors, she was told over and over there was nothing else she could try beyond pharmacotherapy, and so was inspired to create MyOCDdiary: an imperfect story.” She utilizes natural and integrative modalities including targeted amino acid therapy, peptide therapy, micronutrient therapy, bioresonance, botanical medicine and epigenetic analysis. Most recently she was the director of naturopathic medicine at Alternative to a meds Center in Arizona and now practices telemedicine. She can be contacted at Topics covered in this episode: Current State of OCD Eating habits Types of OCD & Eating Disorders Medications for Mental Health Disorders Male & Female Differences in Disorders Borderline Personality Disorder Gender Misrepresentations Media Representation Addiction & Dependanies Children Diagnoses Acothesia Emerging Therapies Referenced in the episode: The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 184 | The Silent Epidemic Of Antidepressant Addiction and How to Truly Heal Anxiety | Ellen Vora The Lindsey Elmore Show Ep 21 | The Fight For Equality in Media | Madeline DiNonnio To learn more about Julia Britz and her work, head over to __________________________________________________________ Thinx are revolutionary underwear that absorb your period. They change the experience of incontinence and going to school as a teenager on your period. They work because they have a moisture wicking top layer that draws wetness and dries very quickly. There is a odor neutralization layer then there is an ultra absorbent core layer that can absorb up to five tampons worth of flow. You can save $10 when you head to at any time. A better period is calling you, shop Thinx today. __________________________________________________________ I want to share with you a show that has made such a difference in so many women who are breast-feeding's lives. It's called The Milk Making Minutes and it looks at the struggles and triumphs of breast feeding as well as the systemic barriers that women face when they are breast-feeding. One of the things we talk about on our show is how important it is to be your own advocate. It’s not just about the systemic struggles that people face, it's really down to earth and practical advice about: Are you using the right size flange on your breast pump? How do you deal with a tongue tie? They also talk about the long-term benefits and the hope that breast-feeding can give new moms. I encourage you to go and check out the show. It’s called The Milk Making Minutes. __________________________________________________________ Do you want to live a healthy lifestyle but you don’t know where to find reliable health education, you don’t have someone you can trust to lead you to which health and wellness options are out there. When you go to you can learn practical skills that you need to build a healthy lifestyle. You’ll gain access to more than 85 videos, 11 hours of education and more education is always being added, and you'll join a community that has given more than 2400 positive reviews. All you have to do is get access, and right now we are offering half off of an annual subscription when you shop the code 2023Wellness and after that, watch the coursework, then implement daily changes positively transform your help you can feel better. Go to to get an annual subscription, and shop the code 2023Wellness for half off of your annual subscription. __________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________ We hope you enjoyed this episode. Come check us out at

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