#119 - Robb Wolf: Electrolytes & Proper Hydration, Fasting & Low Carb Diets, Salt Controversy, Low Electrolyte Symptoms, The Sodium-Potassium Pump, Blood Pressure & Cardiovascular Disease, And More!


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12:15 - How Did Robb Get Into Electrolytes?

14:15 - Pairing High Intensity Sports With Low Carb Eating

17:30 - Keto-Aid

19:35 - The Natriuresis Of Fasting

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26:50 - How Much Sodium Did Hunter Gathers Get?

28:00 - Sodium Concentrations In Intracellular Fluid

29:00 - Hypernatremia

30:35 - Internal Water Creation

31:00 - Hunter Gatherer Sodium Intake Compared To Modern Day Intake

31:35 - Our Taste For Salt

32:25 - The Combination Of Electrolytes Vs Individual Electrolytes

33:10 - Calcium

33:30 - Magnesium

33:55 - Sodium And Potassium

34:35 - The Sodium-Potassium Pump

35:10 - Diabetes And Hypertension

36:00 - Hormonal Signaling To Pull Sodium Out Of The Bones

36:50 - The Original Gatorade

37:30 - Sugar In Electrolyte Drinks

38:20 - The Cotransporters Of Sodium Uptake

39:15 - Medically Supervised Fasts

42:10 - Catabolizing Of Protein

44:05 - Over-Fasting

45:20 - Stem Cells To Senescent Cells To Cancer

48:30 - Fasting Research

50:00 - Highly Processed Foods And Calorie Restriction

52:25 - Stem Cells Glycolytic Needs And Ketogenic Diets

56:30 - A 5-6 Hour Feeding Window

57:30 - The Downside Of Fasting

59:15 - Being Metabolically Flexible

1:00:10 - Inaccuracy In Rat Studies

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1:05:15 - The Salt Debate

1:06:15 - Cardiovascular Disease

1:08:45 - Low Sodium Diets

1:10:05 - Low Sodium Stress

1:11:05 - Genetics Vs Diet: Causes Of High Blood Pressure

1:13:10 - The Role Of Race In High Blood Pressure With Low Sodium Diets

1:17:00 - LP-IR Score And Genetic Risk

1:21:00 - Intuitive Intake Of Electrolytes

1:22:50 - The Signs And Symptoms Of Low Electrolyte Status

1:24:00 - The Change In The Taste Of Salt

1:25:10 - Does The Homeostatic Baseline Change For Sodium? Is There A Minimum Effective Dose?

1:29:45 - Appropriate Hydration

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1:33:30 - New Flavors!

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